In the age of smart phones, it is possible to collect text input, like an address string, from a caller on the IVR, without the intervention of any customer representative. With txt2IVR!

IVR to Smart Phone  

txt2IVR can be integrated into your existing IVR application just by calling a webservice. The service sends a dynamic web link within an SMS to the caller hanging on the IVR. A browser pops up as soon as the caller taps that link. The caller types in the required data. As the caller holds the phone back up to his/her ear, the string input is already passed to the IVR and being spoken to the caller back for confirmation.    

Reduced AHT

To get caller’s confirmation for specific tasks, instead of speaking long strings on the phone, use txt2IVR to get the confirmation on the smart phone browser after disconnecting the call and reduce the AHT (Average Handling Time)

Debt Collection

This service can be used for debt collection if integrated with virtual Credit Card Payment software (POS) integration. By  sending discount and/or campaing SMSs, providing a  realtime payment option, with txt2IVR, you can reduce the amount of callers who avoid calls from call centers and also reduce the costs of outbound calls. 

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