Stramax Calendar

Stramax Calendar provides you the ability to measure the performance of your software development team, create CFP (Cosmic Functon Point) metrics to charge your customers in a more standard way and reduce the supervision required for the development process, manage your development projects and resources and fetch agile based reports.

Cloud Based

Stramax Calendar is served as SaaS so that you can start using it in the shortest time. Responsive design makes it easy to use it from on different platforms like web and mobile. 

Global Standards

By the help of CFP metrics, you can set quality standards for your software development teams and make the real effort spent in your projects visible.

Resource Management

You can assign resources to projects, and weight them differently . You can choose billing types like pay as you go or pay when a certain status is reached in a project, like charging %60 when the development is finished. Monthly CFP reports will list all your efforts accordingly.

Production Estimation

Calendar can make a three month prediction of production rates in terms of CFPs, analysing the past production data and considering personal and official holidays.


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