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Technology that “gets” you.

Gyst uses a SaaS model to deliver personalization and high resolution behavioral analytics for self-service phone calls. It measures, analyzes and personalizes the call experience to suit the skill, expertise and behavior of callers to interactive voice response (IVR) systems in real-time. Gyst does this based on each callers exhibited behavior – not by using stored user profiles.

Over 300 million calls to date

Gyst technology has been (and continues to be) production proven over 300 million self-service phone calls. The measured results, as tabulated in our scientific white papers indicate improvements in call automation rates of .5% – 3%, reductions in call handling times of 6% – 16% or better and gains in IVR utilization of 17% – 20% or better. Novice callers get special attention and are encouraged to use (and repeatedly use) self-service. Expert callers are handled quickly and will also be encouraged to use the system again.

High Resolution Behavioral Analytics

Gyst Analytics provides reporting that goes way beyond traditional IVR reporting capabilities. It also tracks individual caller frustration levels and gets them to an agent before its too late. It shows how well they perform at every point in the interaction dialogue, how well speech vs touch-tone users perform at each point over time and as you change your call script to accommodate new services, seasonal changes and so forth. It’s like having a real-time usability study performed every hour of every day.


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